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Since 1986 we have helped Network Marketers acheive their goals and dreams. . . We are ready to help you!
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Our Story

David & Debbie Reeder

It all started for us in Dallas, Texas.  In October of 1986 we were introduced to Network Marketing and we have never looked back.  Over the last 30 years we have had an incredible story of success and we are now at the point in our lives and our careers where we have decided to give back.

Our mission is to help others experience the lifestyle that comes from building a successful Network Marketing organization and creating a residual income, the goal of smart people everywhere!

The good news is that anyone, from any background, can have success in this noble profession. . . you just have to have the desire to achieve and willingness to learn.

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Our Track Record Speaks For Itself

We don’t show you this to brag. . . only to document our experience.

Number of Years Experience

Total Number of Distributors in Organizations

Millionaires Created

Network Marketing is a  Noble Profession

Debbie explains how she and David were introduced to the Industry and how it changed their lives!

Are You Ready To Take Your Network Marketing Business To The Next Level?

Steps To Becoming A Top Earner In Your Company
  • Find A Coach/Mentor To Guide You
  • Develop A Professional Mindset
  • Increase Your Online and Offline Skills
  • Build Your Personal Brand
What Are The Benefits?
  • Rise to the Top of Your Company. . . Faster!
  • Create More Leads – Attract Your Target Market
  • Enroll More Reps and Customers
  • Grow Your Income
  • Build a Global Organization

Our Proven Strategies Can Work For You. . . Like They Have For Us!

  • Full-Time Successful Network Marketing Professionals Since 1986
  • Over 900,000 Reps Joined Our Organizations Worldwide
  • Coached 25 People to 7 Figure Incomes
  • Helped Thousands Find Financial and Time Freedom


What People are Saying

           Todd Falcone

                 Industry Expert

The Reeder’s have a literal lifetime of successful experience in network marketing . Their knowledge and understanding of what it takes to succeed in this profession will serve you well in achieving your goals in this business.

        Don Whigham

        Top Industry Leader

Back in the early 90’s David and Debbie Reeder were my main mentors early in my network marketing career.

They are professionals in every way and some of the very best in the business.

I am so grateful for all the things they taught me about how to build a successful and productive team. I ’ve made millions of dollars in ongoing residual income as a direct result of what I learned from these top pros in our industry.

 Brian McMullen

   Top Industry Leader

I have watched David and Debbie create huge organizations and earn $Millions over the last 20 years. They have a proven track record and the experience needed to guide Network Marketers on their own journey to success!

Over the last 30+ years we have helped countless individuals achieve success in Network Marketing.  We have had this success because we were taught early on to seek out a company with products that people need and want and train and support the Team.

Our biggest thrill is seeing thousands of people live their dream lifestyle.  Happy, Healthy and Prosperous!

David & Debbie Reeder

Network Marketing Professionals

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David and Debbie Reeder