What is Ketosis and What are the Benefits?

When the body has the ability to burn fat as fuel, the liver naturally creates fats called ketones. Ketones can burn fat more efficiently than carbs can, which, in turn, creates a balanced environment for maintaining a healthy weight and overall health. Simply put, Ketosis is a metabolic state in which your body begins to break down stored fat and burn it for energy while providing other healthful benefits. Perfect, right?   When we lose weight, we want to lose fat in the right places.

Besides weight loss, a Ketogenic diet also supports a healthy brain, a healthy gut, and great energy produced by your own body.   You might ask yourself, why isn’t everyone doing it?  Well it is becoming more popular but it does require “reprogramming “ what you have been taught about healthy eating and weight loss.

For years, the “experts” said low fat diets were the best and healthiest.  We started eating products “low” in fat but laced with tons of artificial ingredients such as fake fat and artificial sweeteners.  We loaded up with highly processed carbs and expected to lose weight.    Although in these “low fat” years, the obesity epidemic has grown to 2 out of 3 adults considered overweight (1) as well as other health related issues connected to obesity and possibly those fat replacement ingredients.

A Ketogenic diet is low in carbs and plentiful in healthy fats and proteins.

A Ketogenic diet is low in carbs and plentiful in healthy fats and proteins. You can see how many people might resist this drastic change at first.  But since 2002, over 20 human studies (1)have been conducted on low carb keto diets and most agree they come out ahead on other diets they have been compared to.  Eating fewer carbs and adding more healthy fats and moderate proteins fuels the body to achieve ketosis where most of the bodies energy comes from ketones rather than from glucose.


Here are some of the Benefits when your body enters Ketosis:

Breakdown of fat stored in body.   A low-carb diet which facilitates ketosis, is often favored for weight loss as it encourages the body to begin to burn is own fat stores directly for energy.   This can result in fat loss in the preferred places.

Less hunger.  The word hunger seems to be synonymous with weight loss programs.  When your body is in ketosis, you will feel less hungry.  This is due to the satiating nature of fat-rich foods.  This makes it easier to stick to your ketogenic diet because it’s not necessarily required to be so strict counting calories.

Blood sugar regulation.  The normal diet is about eating to many refined carbohydrates and sugars that spike blood sugar levels.  This sets up cravings, fatigue and even causes your body to store fat.
Ketosis can help stabilize blood sugar in someone who is focusing on lots of good fat, protein sources, and healthy vegetables without starving themselves.  Researchers at Duke University published a study
in the 2008 issue of “Nutrition and Metabolism” that patients with Type 2 diabetes who were on a ketogenic diet showed greater improvement and needed less medication than those on a low glycemic index diet.

Healthy Brain support.   Many Scientists believe that ketones provide a more efficient fuel for the brain and offer an increased degree of protection against damage to the brain cells. (3)

Energy support.  Fat becomes your source of fuel instead of glucose.  Once someone is fat-adapted and in ketosis, they will typically find that they can easily go for hours without certain foods and have
an ample supply of energy.

Then along came Ketosis.  So just like you, my first question was “What is Ketosis and what will it do for me?”

Let me share my personal story.   I’m a 55-year-old mom and grand mom.   I am post-menopausal and border line hypothyroid (not a good combination for weight loss.)   For most of my life I was in pretty good shape maintaining what I thought was a healthy diet but when I hit the age of 52 everything seemed to fall apart.  I gained 30 pounds, lost my energy and a lot of my self-confidence. My brain lived in a constant fog and my skin showed every line of every year.  I firmly decided to never wear anything sleeveless again (I hated my flabby arms), to obviously never wear shorts, to live in stretchy pants covered by baggy shirts and to never have my picture taken ever, ever, again.   I had to face it, I was a puffy, frumpy grandma.   I didn’t exactly embrace my new title but I was resigned to live with it.

Then along came Ketosis.  So just like you, my first question was “What is Ketosis and what will it do for me?”   I had heard about people enjoying bacon and losing weight.  People drinking butter coffee and burning fat.  I thought to myself “what in the world is butter coffee?”  Fortunately for me, my husband loves to absorb new information and put it to work.   We started our “Keto” journey together, well sort of, I was highly skeptical and only half-hearted.   In about 4 months, I lost 25 pounds and completely changed my body.

I didn’t starve…I ATE BACON (organic uncured), I ate cheesy cauliflower, I drank tons of butter coffee
and I never felt deprived!  Yes, I worked out because I finally had the energy and stamina to get back in the gym.  I now look and feel years younger.   The really important thing to grasp is that Ketosis is a sustainable Lifestyle.

A Ketosis diet will challenge your programmed belief that a diet high in fat in bad for you.  When you put the word healthy in front of fat, you change the entire dynamics of what can be accomplished by adding organic bacon, butter, coconut oil, cheese, whole cream, avocado to your diet.

Introducing a Keto lifestyle can be a little confusing and complicated at first.   We went through a lot of expensive trial and error.   That is why we have formulated our KETOTOSIS HACK system that can allow you to implement the best benefits of ketosis without major expense of figuring it out and having to “go it alone”.

Ketosis Hack System

KetoPERK (coming soon)  –  Great tasting instant KETO Coffee to turn on your brain and your fat burning metabolism!  Fueled with Premium MCT oils, grass fed butter, collagen peptides and Arabica Coffee. The Benefits without the confusion and mess!

V-3 – This formula allows you the willpower to lower your carbs painlessly!  Most people will feel the hardest thing about beginning a Keto diet is giving up all the carbs they love… but V3 is the Ketosis Hack that curbs your appetite for carbs, evaluates your mood and gives you a subtle source of energy.

V-2 Greens –  3-5 servings of fruits and vegetables in each serving which gives you a natural source of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients needed to maintain a strong body.  This allows someone in Ketosis to receive nutrition and fiber while still maintaining a lower carb profile.

VBiotics – Gut health is crucial no matter what you diet you adhere to.   Gut health and function is improved with supplemented Probiotics, Prebiotics and Plusbiotics found in VBiotic.

V1 Smoothie –  Ketosis support of vital nutrients including 100% RDA of essential nutrients 15 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber.  Vanilla Cupcake flavored sweetened with Stevia for a special treat!



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