If you want to Build Your Business, Establish Your Brand, and Grow Your Income. . .  then You have found the right place!                                             

For the last 3 decades we have been focused on helping entrepreneurs from all walks of life find their own personal path to success.  From stay at home moms and dads to high level business executives we have helped thousands find the way to follow their passion and earn an income at the same time!


We FOCUS on YOU! We come into your world, wherever you are right now, and help you carve out a vision of your future self.  What does your life look like when you have a business and lifestyle where you have freedom of time and money?

Do you DREAM about:

  • Working from home and being your own boss
  • Being a full-time stay at home mom or dad
  • Traveling whenever and wherever you want to go
  • Having money left over each month after you pay your bills
  • Long-term financial security
  • The satisfaction of helping others achieve their goals

We work together to develop your personal action plan that shows you the exact proven steps to get results and get them FAST!   We have already helped thousands reach levels in their businesses that they once only dreamed of achieving.  Working together we CAN do this for YOU!

How does this future lifestyle affect your family and your relationships?

We will share with you our journey and the amazing results we have experienced over the last 30 years.   We will also show you the fantastic benefits thousands of others have experienced by following their passion and developing their Network Marketing businesses.

And please understand this, the only reason we ever talk about our accomplishments is to qualify ourselves and give you confidence that we can GUIDE you through the process of developing your business. . . your future life.

We help you evaluate where you are in your business life now and where you want to be in 12 months and beyond.  Then we go to work and guide you until you get there.

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More About Us. . .

It all started for us in Dallas, Texas.  In October of 1986 we were introduced to this Noble Profession of Network Marketing and we have never looked back.  Over the last 30 years we have had an incredible story of success and we are now at the point in our lives and our careers where we have decided to give back.

Our mission is to help others experience the lifestyle that comes from building a successful Network Marketing organization and creating a residual income, the goal of smart people everywhere!We were newlyweds and excited about our future together.

When we first got married we had a restaurant business and we were excited about our future life together!  We were planning on having a family. Then the unthinkable happened to us. . . our business failed!  At only 3 months into our marriage we were BANKRUPT!  Not good for anyone, especially a young, inexperienced newly married couple.

To say we were desperate would be an understatement.  It was bad. . .

Then as they say, when the student was ready our teacher arrived.  Except we knew nothing about Network Marketing.  We were naive and inexperienced.  But because we were desperate we were ready for a solution. We were teachable and open to coaching.

The Pastor of our church in Dallas, unbeknownst to us, had over 20 years of success in Network Marketing and knew we were in a lot of fear and pain.  He called us into his office and spoke one sentence to us we will never forget.

You are working hard, but you are not working smart!

word-imageWe had absolutely no idea of what that actually meant and how it applied to our predicament.  But you can say we had an open mind.  Not necessarily by choice. WE NEEDED AN OPPORTUNITY!  So J.R Hendren told us he would be our coach, our Mentor and guide us on our new journey.

But he said he required 2 things. . . be teachable and follow directions.  Wow, anything but that!  We had to put our young egos aside and learn a new method of building wealth.

We AGREED!  Best business decision we have ever made.  And we earned over 6 figures our first year!  From Bankruptcy to Financial Freedom in 1 year!

Not because we so smart. . . but because we had someone that gave us the knowledge and support we needed to be successful!

We learned that 3 of the Primary Elements needed for Success in a Network Marketing career are:

  1.  Join a Solid Company – High Integrity Corporate Leadership, Growth Potential, Great Products, Powerful Compensation Plan and Great Timing!
  2.  Have a Coach/Mentor that has been there before and can GUIDE you through your first year
  3.  Be Teachable and Follow Directions

We knew we were READY FOR A CHANGE!  We went ALL IN to develop our new Career.  We were excited and optimistic about the future again!

And over the last 3 decades we have been very blessed and successful.  Mainly because we built on a solid foundation working with people who had been there before and could show us the way.

  • We have 4 children and 2 granddaughters
  • Lived the TLF (Total Life Freedom) Lifestyle for the last 30 years
  • Allowed us to be Stay At Home Parents.  We were there to see our kids grow up.
  • Earned over $17 million in our Network Marketing career
  • Helped 25 people earn 7 figure incomes
  • Had over 900,000 people join our organizations in over 50 countries
  • Trained for Live Events totaling over 250,000 people
  • Co-Founders of our own Network Marketing company
  • Consultants to the Network Marketing Industry
  • Traveled to over 25 countries with our business
  • #1 Earner in 3 different Network Marketing Companies
  • Shared the stage with Jim Rohn, Paul Zane Pilzer, Les Brown and many more
  • Earned 2 BMWs, a Mercedes convertible and Bentley from our efforts
  • Numerous Performance Awards and Distributor of the Year Awards
  • V.P. Marketing for $750 Million Network Marketing company
  • Featured in Network Marketing publications:  Success From Home, Better Networker, Success Magazine and many more
  • and helped 1000’s of individuals achieve financial success in the great Profession!


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We Are Proud To Be Part Of This Noble Profession of Network Marketing  It Truly is a Better Way!

So what does all of this mean for You?

Hopefully by hearing about our story you can see something you can to relate to in your life.  Network Marketing, when treated like a Profession, is an incredible way to provide for yourself and your family.  And because it provides residual income and you can, in most cases, pass your business on to your heirs it can create Generational Wealth!

We have the experience and the desire to help aspiring Network Marketers reach their full potential by coaching and mentoring them.

If You Desire To Thrive In Network Marketing2We specialize in both Offline and Online Marketing.  We treat each person individually and once we begin working together we are TOTALLY focused on your SUCCESS!

We can help you develop the skills and mindset that can propel you to your own level of GREATNESS!  We have helped thousands find success. . . We Can Help You, Too!

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